Don Bosco Technical School Phnom Penh


About Us

Don Bosco Technical School Phnom Penh “DBTS” is one of the project of Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia, founded in 1991 to provide technical training for young people especially those who are from poor or vulnerable background. There are thousands of graduated students have been benefited from its various program or skills such as  Electrical, Mechanical, Welding, Automotive, Computer, Electronic and Printing.

Not only for technical education but also, provide scholarship programs for many children to support their integral education.

DBTS developed a strong partnership with many organizations both location and international including government agencies, NGOs and businesses as well as past pupils which enabled us to establish a dynamic network to ensure the quality and capability of services for the poor children and young people in Cambodia.


Target Groups


Young people who have finished 9 to 12th grade. These youth are from rural areas with limited economic resources, are orphans, and/or abandoned youth. Younger children in similar circumstances are sponsored through DBCF in order for them to finish 12th grade.

Our Goal


Give young people the opportunity to get a two year technical education which gives them a better chance to get a job and thus improve their standard of living. Provide conditions for underprivileged children in Cambodia, through DBCF, to continue their studies up to 12th grade.

Our Vision-Mission



We envision an Educative Pastoral Community that provides a holistic education to the poor youth through Don Bosco’s Preventive System with competency in technical skills and sound morality making them agents of development and positive change in the family and society.


We commit ourselves to                                          

  • Working as one
  • Creating a dynamic learning environment
  • Leading to continuous learning and self-discipline
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Meet our Resource person



Fr. John Cef Ledesma
Fr. Joseph Nguyen Nhat Khoa
Vice Rector/ Busar & In-charge of Non-Teaching Staff/ Youth Pastoral In-Charge
Pang Poty
Technical Director/ Headmaster
Lay Thea
Deputy Headmaster
Um Kenvicheka
Scholarship & SIPT
Pho Vith
Mechanical Head
Chheang KimRy
Electrical Head
Ouk Sreylin
Electronic Head
Computer Head
Chhay Pheng
Automotive Head