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Don Bosco Technical School Phnom Penh “DBTS” is one of the project of Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia, founded in 1991 to provide technical training for young people especially those who are from poor or vulnerable background. There are thousands of graduated students have been benefited from its various program or skills such as  Electrical, Mechanical, Welding, Automotive, Computer,  and Electronic.

Not only for technical education but also, provide scholarship programs for many children to support their integral education.

DBTS developed a strong partnership with many organizations both location and international including government agencies, NGOs and businesses as well as past pupils which enabled us to establish a dynamic network to ensure the quality and capability of services for the poor children and young people in Cambodia.

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Apply for Scholarship 2022

The scholarship Program with Associate Degree is eligible for those young people who graduate from grade 9 till 12 especially for those who come from poor or vulnerable family.

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There are several ways which you can choose to be part of our mission such as monetary donation, sending materials, being a volunteer, being our partner, supporting our services and being involved in specific projects. 

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Recognized by many

Being as a trusted partner for a large number of businesses, government agencies , NGOs both local and international as well as general public as a whole.


Assist past pupils especially fresh graduated students to looking for places for internship, employment and continue building their capacity.


100% free access for various technical skill materials.

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Don Bosco Preventive System is a unique methodology which embodied in everyone of Don Bosco ‘s educators. We are not focus on only developing their technical skill but also other aspect of the students life such as morality, work ethic and various other life skill.

Reason, Religion and loving kindness are the guiding values or principle in ways of teaching our children and young people at Don Bosco School. 

Teachers are not seen only in the classroom alone but also involvement with the students in different activities such as recreation, sport, music and occasion of event.

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       ថ្ងៃអាទិត្យ ៩កើត ខែជេស្ឋ ឆ្នាំថោះ បញ្ចស័ក ព.ស.២៥៦៧ ត្រូវនឹងថ្ងៃទី២៨

virgin mother Mary

Phnom Penh: Every year on May 24 is a very


ពិធីបុណ្យកតញ្ញូ និងសង្រ្កាន្តឆ្នាំថ្មី កាលពីថ្ងៃ៦រោច ខែចេត្រ ឆ្នាំខាល ចត្វាស័ក ព.ស.២៥៦៦ ត្រូវនឹងទី១១ ខែមេសា ឆ្នាំ២០២៣

Provisional Certificate Distributor

 On Monday, 3rd of April in 2023. Don Bon Bosco

Guardian Meeting

On Sunday, 26 of March in 2023, Don Bosco Technical

Colors Sport Day

Phnom Penh: On 31st of January in every year the

Merry Christmas On December, 22 2022

Phnom Penh: This special occasion of Christmas, Leading by Fr.Cef,