Automotive skill is currently very popular among young people, this associate degree is suitable for both male or female which last in two years. We provide at least 20 places every year. After graduate from this cause, the trainee should be capable of:

  • Understanding general theory of vehicles engine and safety measure
  • Diagnosis and fixed the electrical system for vehicles
  • Diagnosis and fixed the Vehicle Suspension System
  • Diagnosis and fixed the Air Condition System of vehicles

Entry requirement

The applicant must have finished grade 12 (either pass or fail)


Job opportunities


Students can work for vehicles firms, in manufacturing, for the government or start their own business.

Working in these fields require practical knowledge of repair/maintenance vehicles of its electrical systems, vehicle suspension, air conditioners system, etc. The work can be for companies, offices, shops,  airports, etc.

Major activities during the course


The course covers both theory and practice. Students will have many assignments to complete and learn to research on the internet. They will get the chance to assist in providing electrical service on the campus or work from outside clients. All students have to do an internship in a company and write a thesis.



  • Basic of Electronic
  • Basic of Electrical
  • Basic skill/Welding
  • Vehicle Engine
  • Vehicle Suspension
  • Vehicle Electrical System
  • Vehicle of Air Condition System
  • General Work
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