Last Wednesday we’re celebrated the Feast day of St. John Bosco (January 31st in 2024) We’re call it COLOURS SPORT DAY
In the morning the Salesien member’s teachers, staffs and students are gathering to make the possession around the campus toward to football field. When we’re arrived the football field we had the assembly and opening “COLORS SPORT DAY” speech by ours Principal Mr. Pang Poty
We celebrated colors sport day to express gratitude to Fr. John Bosco, who passed away on 31st of January in 1888. When he was alive, he always instructed young people to do good deeds, study hard to develop themselves into human resources that society cannot miss them. In addition, he strives to create many sports such as basketball, football, volleyball, running and many more games. Not only that, young people can play and have fun. Colors sport day were created in order for students to work together as a team to be successful.
         The spirit of sport that he has created is to create unity, brotherhood, especially to dare to accept victories as well as failures according to his ability and ability to do with honesty, justice and dignity in accordance with the vision of diligence and generosity.
         The colors sport day is a precious legacy that Father Bosco left for us, so let us all rejoice in his desire to be a sport for friendship, unity, health and all kinds of progress.


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