Supervised in plant training (SIPT) program

      Don Bosco Technical School- Technical Vocation Education and Training (DBTS-TVET) Center, in furtherance of its mission to provide an integral development to poor youth through a quality education and technical skills training, and in the exercise of its corporate social responsibility of contributing to the building up of a more just society worthy of human being, devised six months in school as Industrial Skills and Training Program for the poor youth.

      Working hand in hand with the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training (MOLVT) in Poverty alleviation through technical education, and in support of the TRAINING INSTITUTION’s mission -to provide youth with human, social moral values and attitudes, and employable skills, Don Bosco Technical School INDUSTRY’s PARTNER a three month Supervised In-Plant Training (SIPT) of its graduating students in the INDUSTRY’s PARTNER’s plant as part of the aforementioned Program.

      Any information and materials acquired and shared through this program will be treated with confidentiality by the student trainee.


  1. Give the SIPT trainees, who had undergone the Twenty-month In-Campus Training an opportunity to:
  • Apply and further enhance their skills and gain more experiences in the field of technology in view of job application after SIPT;
  • Develop the right attitudes and values towards work, in dealing with coworkers and people-in-Authority , and
  • Integrate faith and life in daily working situations, thus become good, honest and productive citizen.

2. Further develop the TRAINING INSTITUTION’s Program by working hand-in-hand with the INDUSTRY’s PARTNER in the curriculum development and program evaluation;

3. Strengthen the cooperation between the TRAINING INSTITUTION INDUSTRY’s PARTNER need of skilled workers.

4. Give the INDUSTRY’s PARTNER an avenue to exercise cooperate social responsibility in community development and poverty alleviation of the marginalized/underprivileged youth through technical skills training



  1. Orient the SIPT-trainee concerned on the objectives, guiding principles and policies of the program,
  2. Provide the INDUSTRY’s PARTNER with the trainee’s records undertaken during the Seventeen-month In-Campus Training relevant to the Three-month SIPT;
  3. Provide guidance and follow-up to the SIPT trainee;
  4. Provide the evaluation form of the SIPT trainee to the INDUSTRY’s PARTNER at the end of the Program;
  5. Notify the INDUSTRY’s PARTNER of upcoming scheduled school activities at least two weeks prior to the event so as not to hinder the IP’s plant production due to the SIPT trainee’s absence;
  6. If possible, replace an SIPT who has violated or committed an infraction of the INDUSTRY’s PARTNER rules and regulation.
  7. In case the SIPT trainee damages, breaks or loses company goods the SIPT trainee concerned will have to take responsibility of the matter.

II. The INDUSTRY PARTNER shall:1. Give orientation to the SIPT trainee as regards their policies, rules and regulations and safety practices;2. Provide orientation to the SIPT trainee an allowance 150 USD for food and transportation expenses;3. Provide an overtime pay to the SIPT trainee for the work rendered beyond the regular 8-hour work and night differential, if the SIPT-trainee is assigned in the night shift. Overtime will be paid on hour basis as per allowance rate.4. Provide the TRAINING INSTRUCTION a donation as honorarium equivalent to 30 USD in support of the school’s training cost (This money is beside the allowance of trainee). The said amount will be forwarded to the TRAINING INSTRUCTION every month (for a period of 3 month) or after SIPT upon the receipt of the billing;5. Evaluate the SIPT trainee performance,6. Give suggestions and recommendations to the TRAINING INSTRUCTION for the improvement of the Program;7. Issue a Recommendation of Training to the SIPT trainee upon completion of the Program indicating its participation in the dual training system of the TRAINING INSTRUCTION;8. Designate an In-plant Trainer who will make sure the SIPT trainee is trained according to the training plan and sign the SIPT trainee’s logbook every week;9. Have an option to hire the SIPT trainee for employment after the training period;10. Not assigning the SIPT trainee to hazardous work without the supervision of a duly authorized employee of the INDUSTRY’s PARTNER;11. Takes responsibility of whatever accident which may happen to the SIPT trainee within the premises during the training period